『Consecutive Correlation』 / Kyle Egret


   <20.03.20/Bread & Cake Records/BCCL-1013/Digital>

    ■A singer-songwriter in Hamburg/Germany, Kyle Egret released
   his new album from Japanese label "Bread & Cake Records".
   It include two collaboration songs with TOKYO MARRY.
   Also all songs are mastered by TOKYO MARRY.
   The masterpiece of folk, ambient and neo-electronica!

   01. Summerspeed
   02. What Will Happen
   03. ReAssemble (Kyle Egret & TOKYO MARRY)
   04. But Why
   05. Whitecube
   06. Seven Weeks
   07. Moving
   08. Die Zeit ist an ihrem Platz (Kyle Egret & TOKYO MARRY) ※コラボ新曲
   09. Fall
   10. Glasscube
   11. Ama


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